Questions? We have answers!

-> What are the ingridients of Love Colors color powder?
All ingridients come from the food industry. If you eat porcessed food, you're eating the contents of our Love Colors. We do NOT poison you with cheap industry colors!

-> Are contents of the Love Colors allergen?
A very small part of the popuplation has an allergic reaction towards food coloring. We advise these people to abstain from using our Love Colors. Direct eye contact might result in temporary eye reddening, therefore we advise you to wear sunglasses or some other form of eye protection. Freshly shaved skin might have temporary reddening.

-> Do Love Colors stain my skin, hair oder clothing permanently?
We are using high quality food coloring only which do not stain permanently. Countless tests proved a simple shower is sufficient. Blonde hair might get a slight pink stain after long exposure, however a color extraction shampoo got rid of all coloring.
Clothing needs a standard detergent at 30 or 40 degrees. Pink might need a second washing.

-> Do Love Colors dissolve in Water?
Our color powder dissolves completley within seconds as long as you do not throw hundereds of bags into a small pool. Extreme amounts might leave a slighty colored water behind, however thanks to chloringe and UV-light (sunlight), the coloring vanishes quickly.

-> What kind of applications are there for Love Colors?
Our color powder can be used at Pool Partys, Beachpartys, club events (indoor!) in large, well-ventilated rooms, festivals, concerts und product presentations. You should give our Glitter colors a try with a confetti shooter - the result is spectacular!

-> Who do you sell to?
We sell B2B only, worldwide with a minimum order of 250kg.